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We organise educational events in rural & urban areas.

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We have skilled and trained teachers to train the students.


We are planting trees nearby schools and colleges.

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Gayavati Shikshan Sansthan

Shree Lal Mahendra Shiv Shakti Degree College commonly known, as " GAYAVATI SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN ".

Shree Lal Mahendra Shiv Shakti Degree College commonly known, as “GAYAVATI SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN”, is a Society with multiple programs in the sector of ecofriendly environment, Education and Skill development for unemployed rural youth.

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About Founder

Mr.Yadunath Singh

Gayavati Shikshan Sansthan

Leadership is an important function of management, which helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals. A leader must have multidimensional traits such as a clear vision of the organizations mission, ability to share it in the entire organization, communicative skills, sense of responsibility, knowledge of work and most importantly a humanist approach.

Mr. Singh possesses these traits with excellence and utilizes them in leading GAYAVATI SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN to an exemplary height. In his own word" 21st century sustainability leadership is about courage, creativity and faith in people. It is a values-based leadership"


Name Of The Organisation - Gayavati Shikshan Sansthan
Director - Mr. Yadunath Singh
Address - Gram- Pauthepurwa, Post- Odra Pachlai Hardoi- 241302
Telephone - 8052702000
Email -
Websites -
Year Of Establishment - 2009
Registration No. - 401 date 23-05-2009
Our Certifications - 003195
Pan No. - AABAG5593N
Tan No. - LKNG15953A
Niti Aayog Alloted Unique Id. - UP/2018/0192586

Board Members

Mr. Yadunath Singh

Gayavati Shikshan Sansthan

Mrs. Seema

Deputy Manager
Gayavati Shikshan Sansthan

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